At the end of every academic year the Athletic and Activity Department along with AISB coaches select deserving students for four special awards: Sportsmanship, Female and Male Athlete of the Year, and Athletics and Activities Achievement Award. These students are recogonized at an annual end of year ceremony and receive an individual plague along with their names being engraved on the permanent plagues located in the gym.

Please see below past award winners

Sportsmanship                             Student Athlete

2000-01    Masaki Jomori                                  Maxwell Scott

2001-02    Maxwell Scott                                   Dana Garbely

2002-03    Chris Gellenbeck                              Ola Adamczyk

2003-04    Victorita Paun                                  Nassima Barrows

2004-05    Victorita Paun                                  Joakim Danilesson

2005-06    Daniel Madsen                                 Alex Doicescu

2006-07    Kaila Lewis                                      Bogdan Doicescu

2007-08    —                                                   —

2008-09    Clarissa Masdar                               Entoni Salic

2009-10    Nikos Kougionas                              Angie Strohmeyer

2010-11    Danielle Feghali                               Judith Rossey

2011-12    Dorottya Szocs

2012-13    Ana Margherita Z

Nichole F

2013-14    Jeremy C

2014-15    Abigail H

Female Athlete of the Year          Male Athlete of the Year

1999-00    Not Awarded                                   Cheney Wells

2000-01    Nassima Barrows                             Mohammed Mirza

2001-02    Cristina Gingirov                              Andrei Gingirov

2002-03    Nassima Barrows                             James Stewart

2003-04    Anca Stanescu                                 James Stewart

2004-05    Laure Mares                                    James Stewart

2005-06    Marit Ruijgork                                  Ian Stewart

2006-07    Marit Ruijgork                                  Ian Stewart

2007-08    —                                                    —

2008-09    Casey Leek                                     Marius Opran

2009-10    Casey Leek                                     Entoni Salic

2010-11    Ana Jamnik                                     Alex Wallar

2011-12   Danielle F                                        Harrison G

2012-13   Judith R                                         Matei L

2013-14   Isabella S                                        Matei L

2014-15  Isabella S                                         David A

In the school year 2008-2009 AISB began to present the special awards to Middle School students. Please find below the names of the award winners.

Sportsmanship                               Student Athlete

2008-09    Jordan Leek                                      Alex Barba

2009-10    Alex Iancu                                        Paolo Giro

2010-11    Alex Iancu                                        Dolev Hirsch

2011-12    Olivia G

2012-13    Ziteng Z

2013-14    Giorgia P

2014-15    Phoebe V

Female Athlete of the Year           Male Athlete of the Year

2008-09    Yuval Shaine                                    Ben Krenzia

2009-10    Lizzie Oloidi                                       Gustavo Mendonca

2010-11    Adi Zilberstein                                   Jay Hoon Ryu

2011-12    Chonte Tai S                                    Dan S

2012-13    Maaike van W                                  Wei L

2013-14    Fella D                                             Matias D

2014-15    Milana I                                            Vlad D


During the school year 2011-2012 AISB began to present a new award that recognized students efforts in all aspects of the CEESA Athletics and Activities Program. These students are accomplished athletes, musicians, student leaders. This award was named the ATHLETICS & ACTIVITIES ACHIEVEMENT AWARD.

MIDDLE SCHOOL                                   HIGH SCHOOL

2011-12     Matei L                                           Jay Hoon R

Annmarie P                                      Lizzie O

2012-13     Bucky O                                         Jay Hoon R

Xiaoli B                                            Alexandra A

2013-14      Ho Jong S                                     Peter A

Mojan F                                           Cati G

2014-15     Andrei A                                         Jeremy C

Mary T                                            Misaki Y