AISB is a proud and respected member of CEESA (Central & Eastern European School Association) this association brings together member and associate schools to participate in a variety of academic, athletic and cultural events for students in the middle school and high school. These academic, cultural events or sporting tournaments are organized throughout the year and result in the culmination of sporting seasons or activity work. There are three divisions (Red, Blue and Green) for the following sport tournaments: Basketball, Soccer and Volleyball and AISB is a member of the Red Division. Academic and cultural activities all member schools are invited to attend the events. Host schools for tournaments and events are decided at the annual Athletic & Activity Directors meetings and are placed into a seven year rotation system.

The following is a list of participating schools:

Anglo American School of Sofia

Anglo American School of Moscow

American School of Warsaw

American Int’l School of Budapest

American Int’l School of Zagreb

International School of Belgrade

International School of Prague

Kiev International School

Istanbul Int’l Comm. School

International School of Krakow

Pechersk International School

Tirana International School

International School of Helsinki

International School of Estonia

International School of Latvia

American Int’l School of Vilnius

American Int’l School of Vienna

American Int’l School of Cyprus

International School of Trieste

NOVA International School

International School of Bratislava


For information regarding CEESA please check out the website at www.ceesa.org