Middle School MUN Update

It might be spring break at AISB but our students were busy over their first weekend off gaining skills in Model United Nations.

Here is an update from last Friday in Budapest:

mun1[1]“It has been a wonderful day. Truly, all of our students engaged and showed their debating and critical thinking skills. Of the 9 resolutions passed today, 4 were from AISB.

Our opening ceremony included a good speech from the US Ambassador to Hungary followed by delegation speeches.

Spyros started things off with having his resolution pass, and then Salaar passed his Security Council resolution. Mara and Kevin worked well together and Kevin’s resolution passed in disarmament and was selected to be read tomorrow at the General Assembly (a big deal). Sina passed her resolution near the end of the day and Lisa’s resolution debate began and will finish early tomorrow… I am confident it will pass. The Security Council allows for the 5 permanent members to veto a resolution and while Armin’s resolution passed, it was vetoed by Russia (Armin is representing Ukraine, so there was some politics at work here).

Oliver, Mominah, and Erick are all on schedule to present their resolutions tomorrow. I have had many positive comments about AISB’s performance, from the students, the chairs, and the other advisors. It is really a treat to be here with these children!”

Congratulations to our MS MUN students and their Advisors, and thank you Dr. Kurtenbach for this update!