The First Place Trophy that Narrowly Escaped our Grasp

Written by Milana I., Phoebe V., and Vanessa C.

Screen-Shot-2015-11-23-at-09.19.21Varsity Girls hosted the 2015 CEESA event for soccer. When the season began, we didn’t know what to expect. We were a young team with the two oldest players in 11th grade. A few weeks into the season we traveled to Berlin for a friendly tournament and came back nervous and with low hopes, but that didn’t discourage us. With Berlin’s loss in mind, we continued to train hard, three times a week after school with an additional two morning practices. The weekend before CEESA we went to Poiana Brasov to train and focus on technique and game play. It joined us further as a team and made us even more excited for the upcoming tournament. We had some difficult times as a team, but our positive attitudes and the family we built within this season helped us get second place, with only a penalty shootout against Budapest separating us from first place.

We began the tournament with a game against the Budapest Blazers; the match was difficult and exhilarating yet we finished the match with a win of 3-0. The first game brought our confidence up and made us feel more determined to play our absolute best during the rest of the tournament. The rest of the day was just as successful with a win against the BSB Bears. The first day was encouraging for us, proving to us that we are a strong team. It made us realize that we weren’t the same team we were when we began the season. That first day made us realize that we were a team, a family that developed with hard work and passion for soccer within the course of 2 months.


The second day started off with a match against the Moscow Penguins. We knew they were a strong team and that the match would be difficult, this was proved when the match remained at the score of 0-0 up until partway through the second half where we scored three goals, keeping us undefeated.

Screen-Shot-2015-11-23-at-09.19.33The second match that day was one of the most important matches because if we won, we went directly into the finals on the next day. The team we played against, Warsaw Warriors, were extremely aggressive, and we tied with them at 2-2. We were devastated after that match, but found out later that if Moscow beat Prague that day, we would go straight to the finals. Moscow did beat Prague, which made us more confident and relaxed us.

The third day, the game with Prague did not matter because being in the finals was inevitable. In the match against Prague, our coach wanted us to play hard, but at the same time relax so we could give everything in the final and that is what we did. We tied with Prague and then we waited for the final.

20 minutes before the match, we were all nervous. We wanted that trophy; we wanted to be Champions. We started the game with not such a strong mentality. We managed to score, making us realize that we were meant to be there, that winning was possible. Unfortunately, they tied, which made us even stronger. The people on the sides cheered for us, and the emotion we, as players felt, was inexplicable. The match ended at 1-1, which meant that we would go to penalties. The penalties felt like they were in slow motion. That part of the match was hard on us. When we heard the opposite team cheering of happiness, we knew that that was the end. Everyone from our team started to cry. Those tears that we all shared were tears that showed our hard work and passion. They were tears that made us realize that we did have a connection. They were tears that made us realize one more time that the team this year was the best team, and not only regarding soccer, but importantly regarding the family connection we built in such a small time.

We, as a team, gave all our respect to and thanked our coaches, Mr. Alex, and Ms. Colorado, who did everything for us, and made us all feel like we were a part of the team every time. This year we learned about family and soccer. Next year, we will come back even stronger, and our family will bring home the cup with smiles.


As published on page six of the November 2015 issue of the AISB Monthly Newsletter.